If you type it over the internet be able to back it up in reality - - My name is Jorge "two kool 4 schuel" Bustos... see what I did there ---------------------> ^ makes me look uneducated, that's why it's funny. ha.

Well…here we go.


It’s not so much being sad anymore, it’s more of wanting so badly to move on. Wanting nothing more than to forget. But that’s just wishful thinking. All people face things the way they are and I guess it’s my turn. Sucking it up, and just living my life is what I need to do. I’m not saying I’m moving on or forgetting, because as much as i’d love to it just wont happen. But it’s time to live. It’s time to do something good for myself. It’s time to be happy. Here we go.


I don’t want to graduate because not seeing you every single day would fucking kill me. There I said it. Truths out.